April 24, 2019
These days, Nate D. Sanders Auctions has a devoted following among collectors, with most of that based on a strong reputation as an excellent auction house. Nate’s history is rather unique, given that Nate D. Sanders Auctions was actually founded in Baltimore, Maryland in 1986 as "Nate's Autographs.” At first, the primary focus of the company was on inexpensive Hollywood-focused signed photographs and other memorabilia, which were usually included in a mailed catalog, which went to a relatively few exclusive local clients.

His modest beginning didn't last long, however. These days, Nate D. Sanders Auctions specializes in a wide variety of memorabilia, including autographed items of all kinds, rare books, fine art and other collectibles. These days, they send out a number of auction catalogs every year to a worldwide client base, and they regularly execute private sales for their best clients, who trust Nate D. Sanders' reputation enough to help them acquire many of the rarest and most expensive collectibles in the world.